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Koddos can offer you your Hong Kong dedicated server

To have a server on a big datacenter in Hong Kong is a dream come true for the society which has a big traffic on his website. There are many reasons of this choice, but the important one is about the continuity of our website in a thousand years more.

Why is Hong Kong different?

This place gives you everything that you want to make your datacenter in a comfort. We just profited the energy resource that this country explores to assure their business, and it is efficient. We can also profit the geographic place because an Island is always a paradise on the earth, and it’s the same thing about the environment that your datacenter is in comfort. This is the best place that your datacenter might be about every sense, so you are proud if you collaborate with the society that implanted his datacenter on Hong Kong. We can felicitate the KoDDoS seat that it is in Hong Kong dedicated server because he gets the trophy of the best host server in Hong Kong.

The proposition of Hong Kong KoDDoS

The dashboard is clear, and we can search for better that it, there isn’t. KoDDoS propose to your server in Hong Kong data center a possibility to make a choice as your website needs for. If it is a little business, you just opt for an HKS A, and the plan is simple for Intel i5-2500 with 8 Gb and DDR3-1333 for the memory, 1 Tb SATA of your HDD, they give 2 IP address, 20 Tb of Bandwidth frequency with a Premium level, 1 Gbps of network interface with 170 dollars on a month. If you have a little knowledge about a computer capacity, you easily understand all those script on the minimum plan, you have the HKS B, C, and D. They care about your customized server because you are authorized to dedicate in 48 hours. You can control your IP on a remote system via IPMI or iDRAC.

Hong Kong is near China, the country that gives you a compromise about your license and it is a good deal.

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