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The ways of working on your programing in Php

In advanced php application development, there is no single way to use PHP. The purpose of this website is to bring new PHP developers to topics they would not have discovered before it was too late, and to give seasoned professionals new insights into these topics. have been able to treat for years without having bent over it.

Start programming

From an execution point of view, PHP needs a web server to work. All pages requested by a client will be built by the web server, based on the parameters passed, before being returned to the client

PHP has a very complete set of object-oriented programming principles, taking into account the support of classes, abstract classes, interfaces, inheritance, constructors, cloning, exceptions, and so on.

Php is a language originally intended for the development of dynamic web pages. Its syntax is close to C ++. PHP is fairly "simple" to address and can communicate fairly easily with a database. To develop dynamic web pages, it also requires a good knowledge of HTML and possibly SQL if you need a database.

We can also develop normal applications with this language (outside the web). Note also that you can program procedurally or object-oriented, to choose, it allows a good overview.

That said it is a good language but not necessarily the best to learn. It is powerful and permissive so you risk getting into bad habits by learning with it. Especially at the level of web pages, it does not affect programming properly at first. If you look for a language that is easy to learn, that allows you to learn the object-oriented, and that leaves behind good habits, choose a language like python.

To conclude, we already have sound bases to start programming. Only we do not program to program, it takes a goal, an idea, a software to do. There, we can not do anything for you, it is according to its tastes, its knowledge, ... then there is made the first technical choices: Object language? Multi platform? virtual machine? User interface? Access to a database? Once these choices are made, you can proceed to a more oriented programming

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